A Spring Mantel

This year, the beautiful spring weather arrived in Pittsburgh well before the spring decorations arrived in my house!   I finally managed to pull together my mantel.  I should qualify that statement, because I still feel like it needs a little something….

But I always feel like things need ‘tweaking’.  Which is the reason why I never feel like my rooms are completed!  Is anyone else like that???

Here is my (probably not) final product…

Speaking of ‘tweaking’, that forsythia could definitely use a little! Why didn’t I notice it was in 2 clumps? ugh.


The old window has been up here since Christmas, but I thought it worked perfectly for spring too.

I love forsythia and really would have preferred the live version, but it falls too quickly so I bought a few stems from JoAnns.  I found the tall vase at Gabriel Brothers (deep discount store).  It was only $10 but I got it for $6 because the bottom corner is chipped.  It never hurts to ask!!!  The yellow vase and ivy planter (minus the ivy) are also from Gabe’s.

I dragged this beauty in from the garage (still full of dirt! I use it as a planter for annuals in the summer.)  It belonged to Kevin’s grandpap.  Isn’t it awesome??

The bird finial is from TJ Maxx.  I LOVE the crackle finish!

After I took these pictures, I remembered this little guy that I found at Big Lots a few months ago. (Our Big Lots had the best Jessica McClintock stuff! Last time I checked, things were getting sparse.  I really hope that wasn’t a one-time deal!)  This totally reminds me of the Tale of Peter Rabbit when he gets stuck inside Mr.McGregor’s watering can!  My guy was smart though, and is tucked safely beside the can.

Here is what the room looks like (with the bunny added!)…

I’m mostly happy with how the mantel turned out.  I don’t like to over-load it (except for Christmas time!), but maybe a little something else…

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