About Me

Hi, and thanks so much for stopping by!  I’m Brenda, and my little stone cottage was built right in the middle of the suburbs just east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (We’re the very last house on our side of a dead-end street, with a small woods behind us, so it’s fun to imagine that we’re actually located in a clearing  in the middle of a beautiful forest.  Kinda like Snow White’s little cottage!  A girl can dream, right?)

I think our cottage is actually the size of Snow White’s.  It’s small, which would be just fine if I didn’t have to share it with 5 other people and 2 dogs.  Joking, of course!  I share happily (most of the time) with a wonderfully supportive and DIY-talented husband, Kevin, and our 4 awesome (again- most of the time) children – Conor, Claire, Caroline, and Chloe.  So if you were wondering what the ‘4C’ referred to, there you have it!

This is the second home we’ve owned, and our second fixer-upper.  I know I’ve heard Kevin mumble on more than one occasion that we’ll never buy another old house.  I can’t really say that I disagree, but there is so much that I love about old houses in need of repair and about all of the projects that go with them.

I grew up on a farm (sort of) with cows, chickens, a pony, and various other barnyard creatures, and I think that has greatly influenced my tastes and style when it comes to decorating our home.  I love antiques – the tattered and worn kind that hint at their awesome history.  My mom always had cool, old pieces around our house and I guess that stuck with me!  My dad had a hard time throwing anything away, (I wrote a little about that here) and was always able to come up with new uses for old things.  Thankfully, a little of that stuck with me also!

So what will this blog be about?  Honestly, I am not 100% sure!  I will most certainly share our latest project(s), including decorating, demolition, building, painting, gardening, crafting, and organizing (my second love!).  But because I can sometimes be lazy and not motivated by my endless project list, I may just share stories of our crazy life with 4 busy kids.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope that we can both learn a little something along the way!

Much love,