Cottage Tour – Little Cottage on the Pond

Isn’t it awesome how we bloggers and blog readers can ‘meet’ someone through email and automatically know that you like that person?

Meet my new friend Tricia from Little Cottage on the Pond.

I saw the photos of her master bedroom on Hometalk, and had to hop over for a closer look.

So glad that I did!  Turns out, we have a few things in common.  We both live in small cottages.  We both have 4 children.  And we’re both trying to figure out the best way to live in those small cottages with 6 people, and still maintain our sense of style.

Tricia has figured out how to do this beautifully.  (I’m still working on it!)

Here’s her lovely kitchen.  It’s gone through a couple of makeovers – don’t you love the final result?

Off the kitchen is the laundry room.  I would be happy (ok that’s a bit of a stretch) to do laundry if it was in this room!  Lots of great organization ideas…

I love this clock over the mantel…

… and the comfy couches where the whole family gathers on the weekends for movie nights.  (Oh – and you have to read about her Sunday night Dead & Dinner parties!)

She has two very lucky daughters – I would have be super happy with either of these rooms as a teenager!

And she paints!  Lots of beautiful furniture pieces for her home and for sale at a shop in her hometown.  Here’s a peek at one of the stunning pieces that you’ll see on her blog.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour.  Please stop over and say Hello to Tricia – there is lots more to see at Little Cottage on the Pond.


  1. Normally I think of open shelving as looking cluttered, but hers just adds character. What a wonderful home. She sure has style and then some. Thanks for sharing her place with us. Sweet of you!

  2. Oh my gosh I am blushing! You are too sweet in your compliments :) So glad that we “met”! Thank you for featuring our cottage!

  3. I love her home, too. So magazine worthy.

  4. I love her combination of a modern aesthetic + cottage look … as yours is too Brenda :) I am soooo in love with the swimmer figure / art over the bed in the turquoise room, I bet she created that herself.

    • Robin – I know! She has great style (and thanks for adding me! :)). That swimmer is amazing for sure. So glad that you enjoyed the tour!

    • Robin- I wish I was that talented! Nope, the sign is from upstate New York from this creative lady: I told her that Sara was a swimmer, and she suggested a wood cut out of the old Jantzen swimmer logo. We changed up the colours a bit for her room and she loves it :)

  5. Oh, what a beautiful home…so many cute and interesting ideas without looking cluttered. I wish I had that sort of balance. I love her kitchen paint colors, very soft, and the living room looks warm and cozy. Thanks for the blog link, I’ll pop over!


    • Awww – so kind Jane – she’ll be so glad that you stop by. I agree about the balance. I also struggle with that!


  6. Thank you for all the lovely comments about our cottage!

    Brenda- Thank you for the feature- I felt so special all day :)

  7. mommaof5 says:

    Could we get more pictures of the aqua room and armoire?Would love to know the color!

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