4 Simple Steps to Sewing a Zipper

Zippered Pillow

How many of you have sewing machines? How many of you actually use your sewing machine?  If you don't, it's time to bust it out and get sewing.  With spring almost here (I pray!) all of your toss pillows are screaming for new covers.  (When did they become toss pillows?  I've always called them throw pillows.  Is toss more PC than … [Read more...]

Beautify Your Bins

bin before

I have a bazillion of these fabric bins stashed away in cubbies around my house.   I seriously love them for holding just about everything. We have a small alcove just inside the front door.  For the past year or so the alcove has been home to Closet-Maid cubbies (you know the ones - from Target!) full of fabric bins holding each C's … [Read more...]

Popcorn and Cranberry Wreath

popcorn wreath 4

We have 2 dogs - our cute puggle Zoey (who frequently photobombs blog pics) and our big beast (very sweet beast) doberman Belle.  Both of these dogs have absolutely no manners when it comes to food that's within their reach.  It drives me craaaazy!  I've been watching the Dog Whisperer lately and I'm determined to use some of his methods on my two … [Read more...]

Fall Wagon and a Hutch Pumpkin Patch

fall candle jar

I have a few more touches of fall around the house to share.  I love to decorate for fall - not only because of all of the beautiful colors and textures, but also because you can enjoy the decorations from now until Thanksgiving when Christmas takes over.   So if you're on the ball and have your house decked out by the end of September (I usually … [Read more...]

Fall Mantel – Acorns and Topiaries

fall mantel - wreath

I was finally able to take some pictures of my finished fall mantel.  The sun and I were not on the same schedule last week. It's a little subdued. I love topiaries, so I pulled out the glue gun and made some new ones.  Two are covered in rope.  One is covered in jute webbing. I also made this little wreath to brighten things … [Read more...]

Hanging File Holder – How I Organize My Life

organizer pocket

I might be exaggerating just a tiny bit. This only keeps 99% of my life organized.  The part of my life that concerns my kids. The other 1% cannot be accounted for. I have used this hanging file holder for years. Not pretty, but it has served me faithfully since the days when I had only 2 Cs in school.  I've appreciated its service, … [Read more...]

Simple Jute Webbing Wreath

webbing wreath

My mom is always getting rid of stuff.  Usually a very good thing for me - I love being the recipient of stuff! The other day she gave me a big roll of jute upholstery webbing.  yay! With it were instructions from an old BH&G magazine to make a simple wreath using the webbing.  I went right to work on that... Soooooo easy!  I cut about 3-4 … [Read more...]

DIY Rust!

metal box

A few months ago I found an old metal box with just enough rust and age to make it awesome. I love this box. It has compartments inside that make it perfect for holding all of my coffee supplies. (Ok - when I have coffee on hand.  I have a Tassimo, which I love.  What I don't love is how few stores carry the discs.  I have been out of discs for … [Read more...]

Updated for Summer – Mason Jar Window Treatment


Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of time re-doing things.  It doesn't bother me nearly as much as it bothers Kevin -  "We have so many things that need to be done for the first time, why do you insist on re-doing things we've already done???!!!".  I pretend that I don't hear this often. I totally get his point.  ;) However... For sure … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Window Treatment

closeup lantern

Of course I love a sweet ole mason jar! I have been sooo inspired by mason jar lanterns on Pinterest... And then one day my dear friend and neighbor gave me a similar lantern made with a jelly jar - too cute!  Since the day she gave it to me, I've debated the perfect place to hang it.  I know.  It should not be that difficult of a … [Read more...]

A New Perspective

much better, right?

Wow - seeing photos of your project really does give you a new perspective on it!  The vintage suitcase that I last posted about had it's original lining.  I generally like the original.  Old.  Tattered.  But in this case, it was kind of dark and dreary.  And the more I looked at the pictures, I thought - ugh! hideous! Definitely awful.  It … [Read more...]

Charger Control


This past Christmas, we nearly doubled our assortment of electronics  that need to be charged regularly.  Some days it seemed like every outlet in the house was full of chargers for phones, tablets, or games!  Not very pretty.  Or convenient. What to do with all of these cords and the devices that go with them???  As someone who likes things … [Read more...]