Don’t Give Up – The Right Paint Color is Out There!

…or you’ll have a tantrum, mix a bunch of colors together, and somehow luck into the color you’ve been looking for!

Sometimes that’s just how it goes.

Since last year’s Pantone color of the year was emerald green, I’ve been seeing lots of images of green-painted furniture.  This one in particular from BHG grabbed my attention.

BHG green cabinet (480x640)

I’ve been feeling like my dining room looked a little anemic, so our dining room hutch seemed like the perfect candidate for a re-do.

I’m terrible at picking paint colors.  Terrible.  Or maybe I’m too particular?  Not sure.  But whether it’s lack of talent, or persnickety-ness, I’m always very thankful for the invention of sample quarts.

I spent a ton of time on Houzz and Pinterest searching for colors.  I love that Houzz has a question and answer section for every picture.  The most popular question is always regarding paint color!  I actually bought the colors of paint that were sourced on 3 different pictures that I loved.  None of those worked out.  I’m not sure if it was the lighting in the photos or if the color was recorded incorrectly, but what I bought looked nothing like the photos!!!  grrrr….  (I think it’s a trick that the designers like to pull.  Give them the wrong color so they can’t replicate your work!)

I eventually ended up with a Serwin Williams color called Pickle.  I really liked the color, but it was just a little too leafy-green, and I wanted something a little more appley-green.

Two more sample quarts (that were soooo far off the mark) later, and I had reached my limit.  Kevin had the nerve to suggest that I might have an ‘issue’ (I had painted most of the hutch at least 4 times by this point).  Can I help it that I’m looking for just-right?  I really don’t think that’s an issue.  My response was that if he thinks that’s my biggest issue, then he’s the one with the issue.  haha!

The last 2 samples were very vibrant, one was almost neon yellow.  (What made me pick that?!!)  Out of frustration, I started pouring them all together and somehow managed to make the exact color (nearly!) that I was looking for.

green hutch from living room

I love the color.  I love the energy that it brings into the room.  But it was a little too much energy, so to tone it down a bit, I used a black glaze over the paint,

green hutch paint finish

and attached fabric to the backs of the shelves.

green hutch - fabric

I’m not sure how long the hutch will stay this color (I have it’s next color in mind already!), but it will definitely stay over the summer.

green hutch from kitchen

Maybe I do have an issue.

Have a great week!




  1. Love the green hutch and the fabric on the back…it’s adorable!

  2. I think my first time commenting here.
    I really like the color you ended up with. I really don’t like the first picture. That green is just too much for that large piece of furniture. However, I believe that there is a time and a place for every color.

  3. I swear you and I were separated at birth ;) Love the new colour- and yes, it brings some springy energy into the room!

  4. Super cute! That apple green is the perfect shade for spring and summer.

  5. Cute, happy and fun! Why the heck not :)))

  6. I love it! It really adds a natural element to the space. I think everyone needs a pop of green in each room of the house whether it is a leafy plant or framed artwork. This really spiced up your dining room! Great job friend…even if it was by mistake! :)

  7. It’s like a new piece of furniture each time you paint it. Love the color!!

  8. Patricia Routt says:

    I love love love it, beautiful job. I agree every room needs a little pop of green. Green brings life to a room and lets it breathe, and this green is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Novis Stripling says:

    Is this a mixture of the neon yellow and leafy apple green or is it just the leafy apple green alone was not clear on what you finally left.

  10. I LOVE the color you came up with. What a great pop of color.

  11. I’m new here and love the green :) I have some green pieces in my place too and yours popped right off the page and made me want to see more.

  12. It looks fantastic! I can’t imagine changing it for quite some time. :)

  13. Love the first green. Olive green is my favorite color, the first one is closer to that.

  14. What a plsrauee to find someone who thinks through the issues

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  16. I think my absolute fav is the Safari Playground wall sticker set. It is totally adorable as are all of them. I’m going to have a little boy soon so the Blue, green & beige colour way for the Tree with family of owls set would be perfect.

  17. Finding this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

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