Easy Organizing – Keeping Tabs on the Towels

I love to organize things.  Got a junk drawer somewhere that’s overflowing?  Let me at it!  I know that many of you can relate to the awesome feeling of accomplishment when you transform messy to tidy.  Ahhhhh…..

I have to keep up with organization in this house.  If there’s anything out of place in a small home, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  My kids (like most) are like little tornadoes – so there are usually lots of sore thumbs sticking out everywhere.

Whatever I use for organization has to be simple.  I know how easy it is to throw that coat and backpack on the floor!  And I know that if I make it difficult, no one cooperates.  I’ve had lots of fails.

That’s why I decided to start writing ‘Easy Organizing’ posts.  Whenever I find a way – that works – to keep the chaos under control, I’ll share it with you.

First up is our kids’ bathroom.

You know the scene – kid takes shower, kid uses towel, kid leaves towel in the living room or some other inappropriate-for-a-towel spot in the house.  Multiply that by 4.  And then – not one kid remembers which towel was theirs.  ugh

Here’s my solution that has worked so amazingly perfectly.

Towels in designated colors (Target), and numbered towel hooks (Home Depot).

Not surprisingly, there are very few stray towels any more.  But if I find a stray towel around the house, I know immediately who it belongs to.  Busted!


And cute ! :)

Much love…



  1. What a great idea, and SO cute! I really have this problem…towels everywhere! I can’t wait to see more of your tips!


  2. This would have been a great idea back when my son and daughter lived at home! And I love your charming bedroom!


  3. Gotta love the organization, the numbers and the bright colors. A win, win, win!

  4. What a great way to organize! I will have to remember this tip once I have kiddos. I love to color coordinate and this might be just up my alley!

  5. Paper towels seem like a brilliant invention. What’s more convenient than disposable towels that you don’t have to clean or use again? Just buy new ones and throw the old one away. What we may not think about when using paper towels are the extreme waste that they create, and what their effects on the environment truly are.

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