Favorite Finds – An Old Wooden Wagon

Once in a while you find something that you didn’t even know you were looking for!

I LOVE these old industrial carts used as coffee tables, but never considered one for our house because they are a taaaaad too big for my space and a taaaaaad to pricey for my wallet!

Beth Rosenfield Design contemporary living room



Jennifer Grey traditional living room


Not even thinking about an alternative, I ran across this hunk at one of my favorite antique stores.

Love at first sight!

It’s a newspaper delivery wagon – (I assume from Cleveland, OH – the Cleveland Plain Dealer).  It still has the canvas straps and buckles that held the newspapers in place. Pretty cool!

The size was definitely more appropriate for my living room than the big carts, and the price was much closer to what I could spend.  Indeed the price was closer, but no cigar.  The ticket read $225 – with my most dreaded antique-store word beside it – ‘FIRM’. gah.  I hate that word.  (Unless it would be referring to any part of my anatomy.  Which it wouldn’t.  sigh…)  I left the store empty-handed.

Of course I didn’t stop thinking about it.  And I managed to convince myself that it was already sold.  Imagine my surprise to see it still sitting there a few weeks later – and the price was more than 1/2 OFF!!!  (So I guess that original price was about as firm as my… nevermind!)

Thrilled as I was, I have to admit that I was doubting myself.  All of the usual questions – Is it the right price?  Is it the right size?  Will it look as good as I imagined it would?  Will my family think I’m crazy?  Will I ever have a firm anything, ever again?

Turns out that the answer to most of my questions is YES!

I love it in the room!  I might wish it was a wee bit smaller from time to time, but hey – it has wheels – it moves quite easily!  The little girls of the family constantly have it wheeled out of their way to jump rope, do cartwheels, spin in circles, all of that necessary little girl stuff.

And, most importantly, it holds snacks!  No coasters required.

Much love,



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  1. Loving the site, Brenda. You are incredibly talented and as I have always said, when I am at your house I never want to leave.

  2. love the wagon, and the green measure cup full of popcorn. I would have had a hard time walking away from that wagon too!

  3. Mary Colaianne says:

    No one ever want to leave the little cottage. Bella and I feel so much at home. Remember the day you moved in as a family of four and thought you would never fill the space. Two more beautiful girl and wonderful home, full of love and over the top charm.

  4. I LOVE this – want it – need it! It’s the perfect spin on those huge industrial carts (which, are over used at this point)!

    So glad you stopped by and liked my gnomes so I could find you!

    Love your little cottage!

    • kelly – THANK YOU!! I love your blog – thanks so much for checking things out over here!!!!


    • John Neff says:

      I happen to have two of them for sale. One with the canvas straps still and one without. JB @ 440-876-3425

  5. You are 1 lucky lady, the wagon, and the doors, gee, love it all!

  6. Debbie Z says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the paper wagon! My husband’s 80something uncle worked for YEARS at the PD in Ohio. (I miss being there) Thanks for bringing back some memories for us by posting this :)

  7. Les Harrison says:

    I had that exact type of wagon when I carried the Cleveland Plain Dealer for 5 years (80 – 85). My dad fabbed up some oversized sides that went on top in order to hold all the sunday papers. Nice find.

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