A Finished Project!

I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels lately.  Working on bits and pieces and not finishing anything!  So today I am more than pleased to declare one project officially finished!

We have had this entertainment armoire for at least 15 years.  I know that it probably makes me very old school, out of fashion, behind trend…. whatever you want to call it – but I still love this piece of furniture!

I couldn’t find a before picture, but this is a close match to it’s original finish.

Last summer, after a grueling trip to the bottom of the driveway, I started it’s transformation.

(It’s reeeealllly heavy. Kevin has wished on several occasions that we would unload this beast.  He has moved it into 4 different houses.  And to the bottom of the driveway. And back. :))

I started with primer of course (one that I just found out Sherwin Williams no longer sells!  It was called Adhesion Primer and it was wonderful.  Why oh why would you stop selling it SW???)

Then I painted it with SW Cool Blue.  (Sorry no pictures – this was all done last summer, pre-blog.)

I made a glaze with black paint and furniture glaze, brushed it on and wiped it off.  Pretty standard.  Followed by lots of sanding to rough it up.

We decided not to use the original doors.  The best thing about the doors was that they could slide competely inside of the cabinet when you wanted to watch tv.  The bad thing was that they limited the size of the tv you could fit – they took up at least 3 inches of space on both sides of the cabinet.  Our current television just fit with the doors hidden, but it was very difficult to slide the doors back out so the cabinet could be shut.

So Kevin decided (or did I beg him?? I can’t remember…) to make new doors for the cabinet.  Ones that would open completely so that the doors lay flat along the outside of the cabinet.

Instead of a solid door, we used a section of metal screen that I spray painted Rustoleum’s Dark Bronze (to match the hinges).

It doesn’t completely hide the gigantic old television that’s inside.

But I sooooo love this armoire.  Who needs a giant flat screen when you have this???

(Besides Kevin, that is??? ;))

Much love!


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  1. Girl, you are so talented! You know I love you, B!! Whether you begged or K decided to make them (probably the former) makes no matter. He believes in your talents.

  2. Great Teamwork! I love the look of your armoire. Much more charming than a flat screen!

  3. Great job … love your choice of color! :)

  4. Ahh I LOVE that so much! I’ve been wanting to find something for my entertainment center and now I’m envious!

  5. I’ll never ever get rid of my armoire either! I love the visual weight it adds to the room! Love your risky color!

  6. SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you’ll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

    XO, Aimee

  7. Aunt Brenda… I absolutely love this! This color is great!

  8. Begging was effective in this case – those doors are amazing and really transform the armoire – as well as that amazing color! Hopefully, it won’t be moving again for awhile!

  9. THis turned out AWESOME! I’m so glad you shared at my party! Excited to see what you share tonight!

    XO, Aimee

  10. I love how that blue just pops in your living room! great job, gorgeous.

  11. love love love this. the color is perfect. i have 3 hutches this color! xo m

    • michelle – i can’t get enough of the color either. I have to stop myself or my whole house will be turquoise!

  12. that is adorable! love the color and the change in hardware makes a huge impact!

  13. I love the entire fresh, modern cottage cozy room and the armoire is a perfect focal point. Great color. Props to the hubs for the wonderful door solution.

    • Robin! Thanks so much – so glad you stopped by! I love that you saw it as modern cottage – I struggle with the ‘modern’ all of the time. It’s what I want, but I constantly have to fight the pull of not-so-modern. Your words are encouraging – I may be winning the battle! lol.

  14. To the left of the tv there is a piece of art. I’ve just found your blog in the last half hour so maybe there’s a post on it, but can you tell me if you made it and if so how to find that post? I also have no idea how to know if you answer me (soooo new to bloggy world!!) so I would appreciate a response from anyone via email. mom2thebest2@yahoo.com Thank You!

    • Kristy – I hope you got my email. My comment should also forward to your email. Just wanted to let you know that artwork is actually an old tin ceiling tile with peeling paint that I got from an antique store. Any questions – feel free to email me! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Got it thank you! I kept on scrolling thru your posts and found it! Thank You now I have to figure out how to recreate it. I have seen them at flea markets here (near nashville) but they are like $45! Not exactly easy on the checkbook. I love your blog and have bookmarked it (as well as started following on FB so I can come back again and again.

        • Thanks for following Kristy! That is a bummer to hear how expensive the panels are in your area. Probably the further from Nashville you get, the less $$ they would be.
          Kinda funny – the day I bought mine, there was a stack of them that someone had recently brought in to sell. A woman was there going through them and pulling out the best (some of them had big holes, etc). She took a load of them to the cashier, so when she left I made my pick. I don’t think she was too happy with me – I think she might have wanted them all for herself, but she could only carry a few at a time. She wasn’t mad for long though – we ended up chatting at the checkout and she told me that she is covering the walls in her home with them! Not for me, but I’ll bet it looks really cool – so many different styles in different stages of aged. Would love to see it!
          thanks again, and welcome to cottage4c!

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