He Gets Me! My Best Gift Ever.

We’ve been married almost 20 years, so it’s about time, really.

I’m joking – Kevin has always been a great gift-giver.  Much better than I am, in fact.  He’s a terrible gift receiver though.  He returns everything.  (Maybe it’s because I’m such a lame gift-giver. Ha!)

This Christmas I got one of the best gifts ever.  I opened all of my gifts under the tree – beautiful jewelry (I’m loving Sabika right now.) and tickets to see Flashdance.  (We went to see it last weekend – it was such a fun show!  Yes – they even managed to include the dance number where she dumps a bucket of water on herself. lol)

Then I was told to look on the porch for one more present.  There sat a beautiful old gate, tied with a big red ribbon.  Awwwww……  The jewelry made me smile, but the gate made me cry.  Seriously sobby cry.

There’s a story behind the gate, of course.

For several years I’ve been stalking the type of fence in the gate. It’s called ornamental double-loop fence. I really thought that I wanted it for our yard.  Isn’t it perfectly old-fashioned looking?  It reminds me of a grandma’s house, and of overgrown cottage gardens with tons of roses.  Yum.


I eventually found a place online that sells it.  It’s not terribly expensive, but I never was 100% sure so I didn’t make the commitment.

There’s a duplex that we pass on a back route into the city that has a small section of the fence (original) between the home’s sidewalks.  Every time we pass it I swear I’m going to stop and give the owners my phone number – please call me when you’re ready to update that fence!  Obsessed.

Last summer on vacation, I spotted this on the side of my favorite store on Anna Maria Island.  More obsessed.

Then I found a project that I am dying to do with a piece of the fencing.  Even more obsessed.

So you can imagine that I was a little overwhelmed when I saw The Gate – rescued from a junk pile and sitting on my porch.

Yep – he gets me.


As I’m sure you’d agree, there’s no way I’m taking the gate apart to use the fence for a project.  I love how it looks sitting in front of the fire place.  (Though I might want something to cover the opening a bit more…).

What was your favorite gift that you gave or received this year?  I’d love to hear!

Much love…






  1. You are one lucky girl. That fence is amazing and it looks so good in front of your fireplace. What a guy! Is the place you found that sells the fence an online shop, or was it a physical location near your home? How nice to have your obsession eased. Sweet.

  2. What a sweet story and what a sweet hubby! The gate is gorgeous and I actually love it in front of the fireplace. Lucky girl!

  3. Oh Brenda, what a perfect gift. I love it and it looks great in front of your fireplace. We have a fireplace with white stone so now you have me thinking… My favorite gift this year was new pendant lights for our kitchen ~ I’m loving them!

  4. Darlene Buzzatto says:

    Very charming. I love how it looks.

  5. Very cool! Cool hubby gift and cool place to put it. Looking at it in front of the fireplace, it looks like it just belongs there.

    Have a good day,


  6. I am in love with the gate. I have wanted one myself. You did good girl…and “yes” he gets you. My husband bought me a stove that I had spied. Was totally surprised when he pulled up in the truck with this heavy, heavy stove….LOL…Its the little things in life sometimes!!!! Congrats on your newest “find”. :)

  7. Oh…this is so sweet! He DOES get you! You really had a great vision for that gorgeous gate, I love it!


  8. What a great story! Your husband rocks. I love the gate, and think it looks great in front of the fireplace.

  9. How sweet! I love that he put a bow on it!! Most guys wouldn’t have thought to do that. It looks great in front of your fireplace!

    We started the four things (something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to share) and it was the best Christmas ever. My sweetie got me a new desk chair (my need) and a new lens for my camera (my want), turtle earring to wear and homemade (by him and the boys) chocolate covered pretzels to share :)

  10. What a gift – I’d have tears of joy too! Amazing as a fireplace screen!

  11. I love that! Great idea to put infront of the fireplace opening. I live on a farm. I have your obsesion fence for my dog pen :) Also found 4 of those gates in a pile of discarded stuff! Wondering how I am going to use them around the yard, so more gate ideas please!!!!!!

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  13. Hi,
    I love the gate, reminds me of my great aunt’s house. What a romantic story.
    I wanted to share my little bit of romance with you. We live in PA too, we were preparing for a blizzard and when my husband came come from the grocery store he had a Southern Living Design book for me. I am from GA and miss it terribly. I loved the thoughtfulness of this gift and knowing how my husband gets me too.


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