Hometalk Electronics Projects Roundup

Most of us would claim that we can’t live without at least one (if not all!) of our electronic devices.  Our phones, tablets, televisions, etc. keep us connected, entertained, and informed.  We love them, but we don’t always love the clutter they create in our homes.

If you’re looking for ways to organize, store, or hide electronics in your home, hop over to Hometalk and take a look at the clipboard that I put together of some amazing projects that will help you manage the clutter.


It’s hard to tell what some of the pictures on this clipboard are hiding.  The watercolor painting is hiding a flatscreen television, and the beautiful mantel is covering all of the wires to a flatscreen.  Genius.

Media centers are perfect for keeping things tidy.  Check out one that was built in a weekend and one that was re-purposed from a mid-century console.  Both are beautiful.

If you’re tired of lamp cords running across your desk or table, find out how to make it cordless.  I never knew that was an option!

All of these and so many more can be found on Hometalk.  I seriously love Hometalk!  It’s a great community of professionals, bloggers, and home enthusiasts who share projects and advice.  You can post questions to professionals in the home improvement and gardening fields, or you can be inspired by the thousands of projects that have been posted by members.

Do you have a stylish or clever way of organizing, hiding, or storing your electronics?  I’d love to hear about it!  Hometalk would love to hear about it too!  Don’t be shy – stop over and share.  (And you don’t need to have a blog to share your awesome projects!)

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  1. I love all of the cute ideas!!

  2. Oh yes! I recently took an old bread box and repurposed it into a charging station! Love how it hides the clutter.

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