Painting Kitchen Cabinets – What I Learned

Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets?  It can feel very overwhelming.  While I was thinking about it, I talked myself in and out of actually doing it no less than 20 times.  If this sounds familiar, do not fear.  That feeling won't go away.  At all.  Until you are finally finished painting your cabinets.  ha. I recently finished … [Read more...]

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

cabinets from entry

It took days weeks months but I finally picked a color for my kitchen cabinets. So many swatches. So many sample quarts. yikes - scary basement! After I took this picture, I realized there were 3 more quarts sitting behind these.  geesh.  (Yes, the employees at Sherwin Williams know me by name.) Painting cabinets is no small task, and I … [Read more...]

Framed Chalkboard Refrigerator Panels

freezer board

I know what you're thinking... Oh wow - another chalkboard covered refrigerator.  Yawn... But read on, this one is a little different I promise! Our kitchen appliances are white.  It's what we could afford when we bought the house and updating them now isn't an option. (New windows took precedence over updating perfectly functioning appliances.  … [Read more...]

Kitchen – Mini Makeover

Ispiration Photo -

What do you do when your main bathroom is completely torn apart (to the studs), and there are 5 million things to do to put it back together? Make over your kitchen, of course. The timing might not be perfect, but you can NOT ignore motivation.  Sometimes I'll buy paint for a room and it sits for months before I get motivated to use it.  Not it … [Read more...]