Beautify Your Bins

bin before

I have a bazillion of these fabric bins stashed away in cubbies around my house.   I seriously love them for holding just about everything. We have a small alcove just inside the front door.  For the past year or so the alcove has been home to Closet-Maid cubbies (you know the ones - from Target!) full of fabric bins holding each C's … [Read more...]

Furniture Makeover – Glass Front Display Cabinet

glass cabinet side

The title is a little misleading.  The cabinet doesn't have a glass front - it doesn't have any front!  It does still have glass sides though, and I am sure that at one time it had glass doors as well.  And glass-sided cabinet didn't really sound right. This great, solid, old cabinet was left behind by the previous owner's family.  It was in … [Read more...]

Hoosier Cabinet Update – Entry/Pantry/Office Makeover

hoosier all open

Kevin inherited a beautiful Hoosier-style pine cabinet from his grandparents. We both LOVE the piece. When we first got it 2 years ago, I wanted to strip the original varnish.  Kevin resisted the idea (as usual - he hates change.  Funny that he married a chronic re-doer!!).  But it had to be refinished - there were stencils of Amish people on it!  … [Read more...]

Hanging File Holder – How I Organize My Life

organizer pocket

I might be exaggerating just a tiny bit. This only keeps 99% of my life organized.  The part of my life that concerns my kids. The other 1% cannot be accounted for. I have used this hanging file holder for years. Not pretty, but it has served me faithfully since the days when I had only 2 Cs in school.  I've appreciated its service, … [Read more...]