Out of a Slump and Lots of Ramblings

Hey friends!!  I’ve missed you all!

The month of March always seems to be a challenge for me.  Pittsburgh winters drag on forever, and March is usually my breaking point.  This year the beginning of April joined in on the fun.  I can’t even believe how un-motivated and exhausted I feel during the last few weeks of winter.  It’s terrible.  But I’m so happy to say that the weather has finally made a turn for the better.  I’m sure we’ll have a couple more cold days – like this past Saturday when I spent the most miserable hour of my life shivering on the soccer field.  (It serves me right because I volunteered Kevin to work in the snack bar during the games.  At least both girls played at the same time on adjacent fields!)

I’ve actually managed to get a few things done during my doldrums.  I should say re-done.  Nearly everything I’ve worked on lately has been something that I recently finished and decided to change again.  Do you remember this?

It looks like this now…

How about this?

It looks like this…

(It’s not quite done.  Kevin is going to make me a new shelf (so I didn’t paint the old one) and I need to make liners for the wire baskets on the top shelf.)

I’ll post more on both of these projects once the Entry/Pantry is completely done.  Which will be soon.  I hope.

I rearranged the living room.  haha.  That’s funny because the room is so small that my version of rearranging is actually just changing the position of the big white chair.  It used to face the television, at an angle.

It actually turned out to be a pretty significant move because it made me decide that I want to sell the chair and get a loveseat for that space instead.  I have been thinking for weeks that the chair is too big.  I know that the loveseat is bigger of course, but at least 2 people can sit on it!  (That would be 2 people that aren’t both my kids.  Because there is no way that 2 of my kids would ever sit on a loveseat together in peace.  ugh.)

So now the chair faces the couch.

Can’t wait to get the loveseat!!!  (The chair definitely needs a new cover.  Do you think that I should replace the cover before I try to sell it?  Just wondering if it might be a waste of $35 if someone doesn’t want a white cover.)

We didn’t get a new dog.  That’s Bella – a good friend’s dog that we babysit.  She totally beat Zoey to the best spot in the house.  It didn’t last long though – Alley cat is now stretched out there!

I also brought in a table that I normally use on the porch.  Yes, I know – I could advertise for Ikea.  The stuff is just so darn inexpensive and irresistible to me!

I also had a little bit of time to work in my flower beds yesterday!!!  I was able to get most of the leaves out.  Things are looking more than a bit rough right now, but I’ve got big plans!

I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to use my go-to impatiens this year because of this dreaded mildew disease that wiped them out last year.  Hopefully I’ll find a substitute that I like just as much.

That’s probably enough scattered thoughts for you sweet readers for one day!

Thankful for spring…

Much love!


  1. Hi Brenda, despite your Winter blues, you’ve managed to showcase a cheery and relaxing home as always. I know your garden will need lots of attention, but that means more fun for us as we see how you rework it. I say leave the slipcover change to the new owner. Wash it up good and let them decide. Hope you’re feeling Springy soon!

  2. Love spring rearranging! Can’t wait to see what you do with your cottage garden :) ps- if I lived closer I would TOTALLY buy that chair!

  3. I especially love your Hoosier. You did a first rate job of restoring this to the original white. It is so cheerful and clean looking.

  4. Hi Brenda! I painted my hoosier a while ago and just repainted it in a different color…I do love it painted instead of the wood.
    Spring did take long here didn’t it? Glad now that the green gets greener everyday!
    I’d leave the slipcover and let them decide!

    Have a great day today!

  5. Happy to hear that you are feeling better now after that long winter (March). I would keep the same slipcover. I am not a winter gal, so I was soooo happy to see green grass again:)


  6. Oh, Brenda…I hear ya on the winter blues. It really is time for us to get outside! I remember the soccer days, my husband coached my daughter’s team and sat on the side lines with the little one freezing my butt off! It’s nice that you have some outdoor gardening plans, all I can think about is the clean up.

    I love your Hoosier cabinet and it looks great in white. I have almost the identical one but hubby would totally freak if I painted mine (men really have a problem with painted furniture, I’ve come to learn!). And I know how you feel about your leaving room the same, mine can’t be changed out at all because of the size and where the windows/doors are. Actually, all my rooms are like that! I just play with the small pieces and make different vignettes to get my fix! lol! I think you should sell the chair as is, maybe bleach the cover with Oxy Clean (if it’s removable), or even spot clean it with Shout. It looks really nice and white is so popular now. Price it a little higher so you can negotiate if they complain. I think a loveseat is the perfect answer!

    I hope you keep feeling “Up”, I love your posts!


  7. Brenda, I’m totally with you on the winter blahs thing. We didn’t even have a cold or icy winter and I still have that feeling toward the end of winter/beginning of spring. Your cabinet and shelves look amazing and I love how you re-arranged the living room (I’m glad I’m not the only one who rearranges stuff!). Hang in there – spring is here! xoxo

  8. Oh girl, I have had the worst case of the winter blues. And the saddest part is that they’ve occured in March and April, which is supposed to be SPRING here in the south! Love your hutch… you know I do! It looks so fresh painted. Love the other changes you’ve made as well. Nothing gets me out of the winter doldrums faster than rearranging and painting my own stuff. Can’t wait to see what you do in that beautiful garden of yours. What I wouldn’t give for your green thumb!

  9. what a cute blog! I don’t even remember how I ended up here. I saw your name on something this morning, left it open all day, and am just now getting back to it. Clueless. That sums up half my brain. Probably why I love this post about random thoughts. I can beat the best of the rambling ramblers. Sticking around before I forget why I am here to check out your cute work. -K

  10. So glad Spring is on it’s way and you will be able to enter the great outdoors again. Hope you get your mojo back and enjoy the moments. Your house looks adorable as always!

  11. I am the opposite of you- summer is my “bleh” time. Too hot to think much less do things! I am loving the cabinet you painted!! Perfect blue ;)

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