Entry Shelves – aka Where I Put All of the Recovered Bins

Entry Cabinet - with front door

I finally finished re-covering all 8 fabric bins.  It was a totally simple project, and actually didn't take long at all.  I just get impatient, and bored of the repetition.  If you missed the details of that project, you can find it here.   I was pretty pleased with how they turned out - I even managed to get all of the handles on … [Read more...]

Uncovered Treasure – Hidden Milk Box

Milk Box - Scrapes

Kevin's grandma moved to Florida a few years ago to be near her daughters.  She also hated Pittsburgh winters (so with you on that, Grandma!).  She took some of her furniture with her, gave a bunch of things to grand-kids, and donated piles of stuff to goodwill.  After all of the sorting, so much stuff still remained at the house. Grandma has … [Read more...]

Cottage Tour – Little Cottage on the Pond

tlcotp bedroom

Isn't it awesome how we bloggers and blog readers can 'meet' someone through email and automatically know that you like that person? Meet my new friend Tricia from Little Cottage on the Pond. I saw the photos of her master bedroom on Hometalk, and had to hop over for a closer look. So glad that I did!  Turns out, we have a few … [Read more...]

4 Simple Steps to Sewing a Zipper

Zippered Pillow

How many of you have sewing machines? How many of you actually use your sewing machine?  If you don't, it's time to bust it out and get sewing.  With spring almost here (I pray!) all of your toss pillows are screaming for new covers.  (When did they become toss pillows?  I've always called them throw pillows.  Is toss more PC than … [Read more...]

Beautify Your Bins

bin before

I have a bazillion of these fabric bins stashed away in cubbies around my house.   I seriously love them for holding just about everything. We have a small alcove just inside the front door.  For the past year or so the alcove has been home to Closet-Maid cubbies (you know the ones - from Target!) full of fabric bins holding each C's … [Read more...]

ooooo – That’s So Coral!

Pink Coral

"That's so coral!" I know that I'm not the only one that knows who this quote belongs to.  Yes, I use quotes from SpongeBob.  Yes, I probably do need help.  :) I bought this lamp at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago.  I love it.  Why are my lamp shades always crooked?? It's made me a little crazy though.  I've become obsessed with the … [Read more...]

Almost Overlooked – Jewelry Boxes

Blue Jewelry Box

The little girls have at least a dozen jewelry boxes.  They're all small, and mostly covered in Disney Princesses or ballerinas. At some point, I picked up 2 bigger jewelry boxes at GoodWill, figuring that I could update them for the girls when they grew out of princesses.  oooooo - that's kinda sad.  I know they will eventually not want to use … [Read more...]

Winter Mantel

Winter Mantel - trees

Winter mantel??  I never, ever thought about decorating a winter mantel until I started following blogs!  I would change my mantel from time to time, but not really because of a season (except Christmas, of course).  To be honest, I have a really hard time decorating my mantel.  I have such a hang-up on balance.  Things don't have to be symmetrical … [Read more...]

Easy Organizing – Keeping Tabs on the Towels

Bathroom - Numbered Towels

I love to organize things.  Got a junk drawer somewhere that's overflowing?  Let me at it!  I know that many of you can relate to the awesome feeling of accomplishment when you transform messy to tidy.  Ahhhhh..... I have to keep up with organization in this house.  If there's anything out of place in a small home, it sticks out like a sore … [Read more...]

He Gets Me! My Best Gift Ever.

Rusty Gate

We've been married almost 20 years, so it's about time, really. I'm joking - Kevin has always been a great gift-giver.  Much better than I am, in fact.  He's a terrible gift receiver though.  He returns everything.  (Maybe it's because I'm such a lame gift-giver. Ha!) This Christmas I got one of the best gifts ever.  I opened all of my gifts … [Read more...]

Big, Beautiful Baseboards – on a Budget!

entry corner baseboard after

ha!  I love that title. One thing that I've always loved about old houses is the millwork.  Especially the generous baseboards. source Our first house was a frame 3-story that was over 100 years old.  (That's actually another thing I love about old houses.  Those magical, loaded with awesome angles, nooks, and crannies, 3rd floors!  … [Read more...]

Angel Tree

skinny angel

I wanted to share a project that I did with my girls right before Christmas.   Like everyone, I can't stop thinking about the victims of Newtown.  I wanted to create something that would honor their memory.  I hate the idea of those sweet babies and their teachers being forgotten. I decided to make angel ornaments that I could hang on a small … [Read more...]

Favorite Posts of 2012

silly kids

Happy 2013 everyone! Are you up for another best-of post?  I love, love, love best-of-the-year posts!! My compilation of projects isn't based on actual numbers.  I didn't start to track blog stats right away, and then I switched trackers half-way through the year.  Soooo... my round-up is based on projects that I got the most feedback from … [Read more...]

Merry Little Christmas House Tour – Dining Room

Christmas Hutch

I was so excited to decorate my newly-painted hutch for Christmas this year!  I love how creamy white paint makes Christmas greens and reds look even more Christmas-ey. And fresh. And sweet. Nothing  looks more Christmas-ey than this little guy, though. The hutch got most of my attention, so I kept the rest of … [Read more...]

Merry Little Christmas House Tour

red ornament wreath

I've added just about as much Christmas as this little house can hold.  We're all feeling pretty warm and cozy.  Come on in and see! We brought home the skinniest tree that we could find this year.  Usually, I rally for the big, full ones.  Then I have to move at least one of the black and white chairs out of the room.   This tree fit perfectly … [Read more...]