Christmas in a Small Cottage – Wooden Ironing Board Tree

iron board tree top

Decorating a small house for Christmas can be a challenge.   You walk a fine line between just enough and waaayy too much.  I always start the season thinking that I will keep things simple and not go overboard - again.   The best of intentions... Really though, the line I mention is completely personal.  It's dependent on how much stuff you can … [Read more...]

Popcorn and Cranberry Wreath

popcorn wreath 4

We have 2 dogs - our cute puggle Zoey (who frequently photobombs blog pics) and our big beast (very sweet beast) doberman Belle.  Both of these dogs have absolutely no manners when it comes to food that's within their reach.  It drives me craaaazy!  I've been watching the Dog Whisperer lately and I'm determined to use some of his methods on my two … [Read more...]

Hanging File Holder – Tutorial

organizer pocket

A couple of years ago, a friend did something kind for me and I thought that I would return the kindness by making her a similar file holder to help organize her boys. (We'd had discussions about how hard it is to keep track of everything.) Before I started I thought - "Gee. This may turn out pretty cute, maybe I'll make some to sell on Etsy." … [Read more...]

Furniture Makeover – Glass Front Display Cabinet

glass cabinet side

The title is a little misleading.  The cabinet doesn't have a glass front - it doesn't have any front!  It does still have glass sides though, and I am sure that at one time it had glass doors as well.  And glass-sided cabinet didn't really sound right. This great, solid, old cabinet was left behind by the previous owner's family.  It was in … [Read more...]

Radom Thoughts and a New Family Member

alley cat

I don't have a project to share today.  I can't even report on any progress on the pantry/entry/office makeover.  (That is such a mouthful. I should just abbreviate.  How about the POE makeover?  Or just POEM?  ha - like that one!) There is so much left to do it that little space!  I can't wait to share some more of it.  This week I hope to at … [Read more...]

Hoosier Cabinet Update – Entry/Pantry/Office Makeover

hoosier all open

Kevin inherited a beautiful Hoosier-style pine cabinet from his grandparents. We both LOVE the piece. When we first got it 2 years ago, I wanted to strip the original varnish.  Kevin resisted the idea (as usual - he hates change.  Funny that he married a chronic re-doer!!).  But it had to be refinished - there were stencils of Amish people on it!  … [Read more...]

Update Your Dishwasher – So Easy!

dishwasher kitchen

I'm so excited to be sharing this post at Meridian Road today.  If you haven't been by Suzanne's blog,  you are truly missing out!  She lives on a beautiful farm in Idaho and shares her rural life with gorgeous photos.  If that's not enough, her great DIY projects and sense of humor will definitely keep you coming back!  It's been a while since … [Read more...]

Rescued Rolling Cart is the Perfect Coffee Cart

coffee cart entry

Wheeled metal carts have been so popular lately.  When the new Ikea catalog came out, I was coveting this sweet blue one. They are popping up in blogs a lot, too. Apparently, my neighbor didn't know how popular they are, or I don't think I would have found this one in his trash a couple weeks ago. It was a only a a little bit rusty - … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds – Vintage Doll Case

old doll case

I really, really, really want a vintage, metal bread box. One like this...  {source} Or even one like this... {source} While there's lots available online, I just don't get the same thrill as if I found it at a thrift store, a flea market, or an antique store. And I hate to pay for shipping.  Absolutely hate it.  I'll spend a ton of time … [Read more...]

Glass Door Knobs

glass knobs 2

Most of the doors in our home were original, and many of the doors still had the original glass door knobs.  Beautiful.  But no longer very functional.   None of them latch properly, and some of them simply fall off of the door when you try to use it.  Doesn't really bother me.  They're soooo pretty!  Oh, but does it bother Kevin.  Especially when … [Read more...]

Fall Wagon and a Hutch Pumpkin Patch

fall candle jar

I have a few more touches of fall around the house to share.  I love to decorate for fall - not only because of all of the beautiful colors and textures, but also because you can enjoy the decorations from now until Thanksgiving when Christmas takes over.   So if you're on the ball and have your house decked out by the end of September (I usually … [Read more...]

Fall Mantel – Acorns and Topiaries

fall mantel - wreath

I was finally able to take some pictures of my finished fall mantel.  The sun and I were not on the same schedule last week. It's a little subdued. I love topiaries, so I pulled out the glue gun and made some new ones.  Two are covered in rope.  One is covered in jute webbing. I also made this little wreath to brighten things … [Read more...]

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – What I Learned

Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets?  It can feel very overwhelming.  While I was thinking about it, I talked myself in and out of actually doing it no less than 20 times.  If this sounds familiar, do not fear.  That feeling won't go away.  At all.  Until you are finally finished painting your cabinets.  ha. I recently finished … [Read more...]

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

cabinets from entry

It took days weeks months but I finally picked a color for my kitchen cabinets. So many swatches. So many sample quarts. yikes - scary basement! After I took this picture, I realized there were 3 more quarts sitting behind these.  geesh.  (Yes, the employees at Sherwin Williams know me by name.) Painting cabinets is no small task, and I … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds – Fire Blanket Box

fire blanket close

You know how sometimes an item will catch your eye and even though you're not sure what you would do with it, you can't stop thinking about it?  That was this cabinet for me... It was sitting in one of my favorite antique stores.  The bright yellow paint screamed at me amidst all of the old, dark wood furniture and rusty tools.  I think that … [Read more...]