Painted White Wood Floors

Hey there!

I used the title ‘Painted White Wood Floors’ for this post because I seriously used that exact phrase exactly 5007 times when I was searching for pictures and information before I attempted this project.  And because it sums up the project perfectly and simply!

When Kevin sanded and refinished our floors about 8? years ago, he did the living room, dining room, kitchen, and entry.  Big job.  Probably because it was such a big job, and because we were limited in time, and who knows why else, he left the small hallway and 2 bedrooms for another time.  As you all are probably familiar with, another time never came.  The floors that weren’t refinished were now really shabby.

A few months ago, when I made-over the office (one of the two aforementioned bedrooms), I painted the floors with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I painted stripes using gray and Old White.  What I didn’t do was prime first.  I knew the ASCP would adhere to the floor, but I didn’t consider that the old wood stain would bleed through.  It did, and it made the Old White look old dirty.  I convinced myself that it wasn’t that bad and that it added to the worn and rustic look that I love.  (It didn’t take much convincing – I just really didn’t want to start over!!)

white floors - before

(This is a terrible picture – nice cords under the cabinet!  I didn’t have one of the finished striped floors before I moved the furniture back.  Go figure.)

Despite the dirty white, I loved the look of the finished floors – before the furniture was moved in.  It’s a small room, with one very bold and busy wallpapered wall, and the stripes just made everything feel frantic and crazy to me.  I distressed the edges of the stripes, thinking that it was the stark lines that were bothering me, but I still wasn’t happy.

I’m not sure where I first ran across a pic of ‘white painted wood floors’, (probably on Houzz – I’m addicted!) but once I saw them I couldn’t get the look out of my head!!!!  After stalking the internet for more pictures for a few months, I decided to go for it.  I had only one obstacle – my husband.  I’ve mentioned before that Kevin hates when I re-do something that I’ve already (just) done, so I sneakily waited until he had to travel for work, and then busted butt to have it all done before he got back.  Terrible, I know.  But very motivating!

Here are my partners-in-crime…

white floors - products

BIN shellac base primer: (I learned my lesson!  I used 2 coats.)

Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel: (It only comes in a satin finish?  Or maybe my store only had it in a satin finish?  Which feels weird to walk on, but I knew I would be using a poly over it, so no problem.  Also 2 coats.)

General Finishes High Performance Water Base Topcoat: (I think I used 3 coats.  It goes on very easily and dry time is only a few hours, so it doesn’t prolong project time too much.  If you’re painting your floor white, you have to use a poly on top.)

Finished floor… (the view from my bedroom – I love this!)

white floors - bedroom2

We still need to add a threshold between the kitchen floor and the painted floor.  I think it’ll make the transition look a little less abrupt.

I used a roller with an extender (no hands and knees painting!) for all 3 products.  It went so fast – I honestly couldn’t believe it!  I knew immediately that I made the right choice.  The white is so much more peaceful than the stripes.  And it’s bright – so it’s peaceful and cheery at the same time.  Love.

white floors - into room

I’m having trouble choosing a rug for the space.  I want something very neutral – I’m thinking about a solid gray, but not too light.  I’ll get there…   eventually!  :)

Much love!


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  1. Love, love, love the painted floors! SO light and bright :)

  2. Make good, better and better, best … loved the striped floors but I think the white floors are the winner! Sure does open up the room. Choosing a rug could be so much fun; don’t know how you feel about animal skins, but a soft white sheepskin rug could be super cozy looking and feeling. We have one and it is very cleanable if you’re concerned about that; lather, rinse, dry, fluff. Got mine at Costco and my local store still has them but they are considered a winter item, as in won’t be there long. And certainly not soft looking as you mentioned, but how about a cow hide? The great thing about the rugs with the white floor is you could have a wardrobe and rotate them seasonally so they next time you want to change it up, its just a roll it up and stick it in the closet ’til next year.

  3. It looks wonderful!! I love the crisp and clean look! I am with you on choosing a rug. That can be a difficult task. What about something with a little texture like a softer sisal rug or a sisal rug with a smaller gray rug layered on top? I love that layered look too!
    Looking great my friend! Can’t wait to see more. BTW…that blue/green barn door in your hallway is AH-Mazing. You need to share!!

  4. Love it.. So pretty! But I’m biased.. I painted my daughter’s floor boards white in our old house.. I absolutely loved it! Your DIY projects always inspire. Great job!

  5. Beautiful! Really brings out all the colors in the room.

  6. LOVE it Brenda! I love the simplicity of the white and it fits your adorable cottage perfectly!

  7. This is great! I love it. The wall paper on the wall gives it a lot of pop too! Aqua furniture is beautiful , very country chic.

  8. Your floors look wonderful, Brenda! I love the look of white floors – you did a really great job!

  9. The floor looks awesome!

  10. How did you’re the floors before priming? They look amazing, I have a very dark attic bedroom and have been planning on painting the floors, and you have convinced me!

  11. Just beautiful !
    I’m in the process of painting all the upstairs floors white – 2 down – 3 to go lol
    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style

  12. I just discovered your blog through Savvy Southern Style! I love your painted floors and I also LOVE that wallpaper. I would love to get the details on the wallpaper.

  13. oh my gosh! I love your white floors!! I just saw them on Hometalk and had to come and take a look. They’re beautiful. I like moving furniture around so much that I think I would end up ruining them in my house though. Since I just found you, I’m gonna take a look around your blog now… Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love your white pained floors! They look great……

  15. Connie Nikiforoff Designs says:

    Like you, I’ve been googling “white painted floors” for what seems ages. Thankfully my hubby is very on board with this :-) We’re going to do the living room, hallway and possibly master BR (yay to carpet removal!) I’d do it right now if we weren’t entering the busiest season of our business. I’m saving your website for photos and inspiration. And I’m signing up to follow your posts :-)

    Your floor is my dream look….hopefully next spring/summer :-)

  16. So glad I saw you on Hometalk. Love the white painted floor. I’m thinking of doing that to the old wood floor in my family room, which had been a porch when we bought the house but the floors are in fairly good shape except in a couple of places and I’d rather paint than sand, shellac etc. This is a large room and opens to our deck and the lake so gets lots of traffic. How has yours held up? Thanks!

  17. Thank you, thank you…..This is exactly what I was Looking for !! Amazing floors, Im going for it !!

  18. Hi,
    I landed on your site through Hometalk after watching your great painting job on your hardwood floor.
    Let me just say: I love it, you did a great work. I am about to do it, hence by search on “painting hardwood floors”…
    Thank you for sharing,

  19. Okay Brenda! I am going to take the plunge & paint the floors on my first floor. I’ll share a before and after photo when they’re finished…which may be a while as I am deep into a garden project. It never ends-as you well know.
    I’m from the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Lots of lovely old homes!
    Glad I found your blog. It gave me some confidence about the floor painting!


  20. Hi Big BMC Devit, That is a great post. Painting White wood floors is seriously a great aspect. Painting floor made everything feel frantic. Painting the wooden things give such a nice look to them. It is such a nice post.

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  22. Thanks for sharing

  23. So I made the mistake of doing my floors a few months ago. And didn’t top coat them. I wanted a natural distressing look. Ad wanted to seee where we would wear Big mistake. The dirty sticks almost like a primer
    (We just used a Behr white exterior on fresh plywood planks for a fun office cottage look ). I love then. But when we try to mop them it just really is a smear mess. They are gripping the dirt. I need to top coat but I am petrified of too much yellowing. I’m reading a water based will minimize that bit a poly will yellow on white anyway don’t you think ? How did yours do ? Did you , have you had an yellowing ?


  24. Sorry forgot to say it was a water based exterior White stain. Pure white.

  25. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a outstanding job!

  26. What shade of white did you use? This is gorgeous!

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