Furniture Makeover – Glass Front Display Cabinet

glass cabinet side

The title is a little misleading.  The cabinet doesn't have a glass front - it doesn't have any front!  It does still have glass sides though, and I am sure that at one time it had glass doors as well.  And glass-sided cabinet didn't really sound right. This great, solid, old cabinet was left behind by the previous owner's family.  It was in … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds – Vintage Doll Case

old doll case

I really, really, really want a vintage, metal bread box. One like this...  {source} Or even one like this... {source} While there's lots available online, I just don't get the same thrill as if I found it at a thrift store, a flea market, or an antique store. And I hate to pay for shipping.  Absolutely hate it.  I'll spend a ton of time … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds – Fire Blanket Box

fire blanket close

You know how sometimes an item will catch your eye and even though you're not sure what you would do with it, you can't stop thinking about it?  That was this cabinet for me... It was sitting in one of my favorite antique stores.  The bright yellow paint screamed at me amidst all of the old, dark wood furniture and rusty tools.  I think that … [Read more...]

Livestock Waterer Bird Bath


I thought that I would share a few garden pictures today.  Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special theme this week is bird baths.  I love this one, and had to share. My dad raised Hereford cattle for years, in the barn that my sister and brother-in-law own.  I would love to share the history of the farm, and actually did start to type it, but realized … [Read more...]

Sliding Old Green Door

2 j-hooks

How's that for a descriptive title?  I'm feeling especially creative today, it seems! It has been months since I found, and posted about these beautiful green doors that I bought (for only $10 a piece) to use as a sliding door to our yet-to-be-remodeled bathroom. When I brought them home, I seriously thought that I would have them up and … [Read more...]

Bread Drawer Cabinet and Quick Rust

bread drawer upcycled to bathroom cabinet

Well Hello there!!!  It has been so long since my last post - and I thought I'd have more time to work on projects and to blog in the summer.  Not only is my list of projects a mile long, so is the list of activities the kids and I want to do before school starts.  Guess which list has more things checked off?  ha! I did manage to finish one cool … [Read more...]

Necessity Is… (Junk Art!)


I am not usually the kind of girl who can look and something and rattle off 10 different ways that I could use it or change it, etc. Most of my ideas come to me because I have a need for them. Necessity (for me) is absolutely the Mother of Invention. During a trip to the basement this morning, this caught my eye... It had been in my Dad's … [Read more...]

Soda Crate Footstool


In case you haven't heard, my house is small.  Up until recently, we've had a giant ottoman taking up precious space.  It was useful - the top came off to store blankets and it was great extra seating when we needed it.  But the space trade-off just wasn't worth it.  I half-heartedly looked for a new, smaller ottoman to buy; and whole-heartedly … [Read more...]

Old Tin Ceiling Panel

tin rusty detail

A friend and I were scouting around my favorite junk store when we noticed a woman (it was hard not to notice - she was making a ton of noise!) rifling through a stack of large tin ceiling panels.  They were propped up against the wall, all about the same size, some in better shape than others.  All of them were aged beautifully, but some had big … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds – An Old Wooden Wagon


Once in a while you find something that you didn't even know you were looking for! I LOVE these old industrial carts used as coffee tables, but never considered one for our house because they are a taaaaad too big for my space and a taaaaaad to pricey for my wallet! contemporary living room design by new york interior designer Beth Rosenfield … [Read more...]

A New Perspective

much better, right?

Wow - seeing photos of your project really does give you a new perspective on it!  The vintage suitcase that I last posted about had it's original lining.  I generally like the original.  Old.  Tattered.  But in this case, it was kind of dark and dreary.  And the more I looked at the pictures, I thought - ugh! hideous! Definitely awful.  It … [Read more...]

Charger Control


This past Christmas, we nearly doubled our assortment of electronics  that need to be charged regularly.  Some days it seemed like every outlet in the house was full of chargers for phones, tablets, or games!  Not very pretty.  Or convenient. What to do with all of these cords and the devices that go with them???  As someone who likes things … [Read more...]