Rescued Rolling Cart is the Perfect Coffee Cart

Wheeled metal carts have been so popular lately.  When the new Ikea catalog came out, I was coveting this sweet blue one.

They are popping up in blogs a lot, too.

Apparently, my neighbor didn’t know how popular they are, or I don’t think I would have found this one in his trash a couple weeks ago.

It was a only a a little bit rusty – not too bad.  It looked like it used to be white, but the paint had yellowed over time.  I was considering painting it either white, or blue like the cheery one from Ikea.

But once I started to sand it, the yellowish color sanded away, revealing a pretty, creamy white which must have been the original color.  I think that the yellowing might have been caused by smoke.  (It reminded me of our house when we moved in.  The woman who lived in it for years was a smoker, and everything that hadn’t been freshly painted was covered in a brownish-yellow film.)

This is what some energetic sanding exposed…

I love the spots where the metal shows through!

This cart is exactly what I needed for our pantry/entry makeover.  (Doesn’t that sound like a crazy combination for a room?  I’m working on it – hopefully it will make sense when I’m done!)

My new coffee cart fits perfectly in the space, and is so so so useful!!!

The top shelf holds my coffee maker (obviously!) and metal coffee box.

Lots of room for coffee!

The red box on the second shelf (also a trash-day treasure) hold tea bags, creamer, hot chocolate mix and a milk bottle full of coffee stirrers (aka bendy straws!).

Lots of cookbooks fit into the vintage explosives box on the bottom shelf.  Very appropriate for my cooking to be associated with explosives.  I wish that I was kidding when I say that! :)

The cart again – posing on a different wall (different light)…

I can’t wait to show you some of the other updates that I’m working on for this room.  Please stay tuned to see them!!!

Much love,


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  1. This is such a sweet little cart! Belive it or not, I had one from 30 years ago which was brown, but got rid of it. It wasn’t as cool as your earlier vintage white one. I would love to find one similar dome day…not that I have a spot for it but oh well!!


    • Nancy – bummer that you got rid of your cart. I hate to let things go, because I’m always afraid that I’ll regret it. I’m not to hoarder status yet – so that’s a good thing! :)
      The reason that I didn’t buy the Ikea one was because I thought I didn’t have room. I moved some stuff around (for other purposes), and it opened up the perfect spot. Sometimes it works out to wait!
      Thanks for your comment!

    • It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exetrpise answers. Thanks!

    • Thanks. Yes, my parents are happy of how their 6 kids turned out to be although they are a bit sad of me and my other sister of leaving the country. Perhaps one day, I will return and live closer to them.

    • Good takeaways. I loved that week. It was one of the most fun weeks of my life, to be completely honest. Stirred all kinds of stuff up in me that was long, LONG dead, and inspired new dreams, too. The sense of community was probably the biggest thing for me, and then the deadline. Why do creativity and procrastination seem to go hand-in-hand as personality traits?!

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  2. Oh, for the love of out of touch neighbors! Yea! I’m so wishing someone around here will be out of touch too! I want a cart like that, like crazy. Using it for your coffee and your cool boxes is perfect. I love old metal boxes!

    • lol Liz!!! Yes, I totally love my old neighbors. They really like to get rid of stuff. Good stuff!
      Good luck with your search – the hunt can be fun. And victory is oh-so-sweet!
      Take care!

  3. I love the cart and all the stored pretties!! I look forward to your posts!

  4. Absolutely Adorable Brenda! Can’t believe you found that beauty in the garbage! Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve!

  5. It feels good to save something from a landfill, too, doesn’t it? It looks great. Love the box with the coffee in it.

    • Absolutely! I’m not sure why people don’t use GoodWill more. I’m happy to scoop stuff up from the curb, but I can’t use it all!

  6. Cheryl in Wisconsin says:

    Your touches make it splendid.

  7. Hi,

    What grade of sandpaper did you use? I have an old metal school desk I’d like to clean up, but want to make sure I don’t ruin the finish. Thanks!

    • I used a medium grit for the cart. I think it was 80. I started with a fine grit, and when that didn’t budge anything, I just kept moving to a more coarse grit. After I read your comment, I took a close look at the cart to see if there were scratches. There are scratches, but really superficial ones.
      If your desk is painted, you’ll probably have to go with a medium grit also. If there are just rusty spots, you might be able to remove them with steel wool. The steel wool should also be able to buff out any scratches that you may cause with sanding.
      Good luck!

  8. Brenda, I love that cart and it amazes me what people toss.

  9. An explosive chef – I’ll bring the fire extinguisher as a hostess gift!

    I love these old carts – and you can’t beat the price!

    Looking forward to your entry/pantry reveal!

  10. Brenda i love the cofee cart. You have a New follówer from Chile

  11. Love this tea cart! I am lifting my mug high to you this morning my wonderful friend!


  12. This is my first time reading your blog, I linked over from Ana White. I had to comment because I just rescued a very similar (non-rolling) cart that I want to use for a mini bar. It also sits right next to a Hoosier that looks very similar to yours, AND I bought my Mom the exact same Hercules powder box last year! So neat seeing someone else who appreciates the same stuff I do!

    • I can’t even believe all of the similarities – that is so funny!!! It’s great to meet like-minded people. Some people just don’t get us – I know that’s hard to believe, right? lol. I’m so glad that you commented. I have a post about the Hoosier that is almost ready – please stop back over and check it out!

  13. super job on your cart. I have one that I’ve been wanting to work on for months!! it is covered completely in contact paper… what WAS I thinking 35 years ago? lol

  14. I also have a rusty rolling cart, and I did a makeover by using a pencil to sketch a simple design on the my cart. Now it turns great….

    • That sounds really cool, Maxie! I’d love to see it – did you post it on your blog? I couldn’t find it – I looked!
      Thanks for stopping by – so nice to hear from you.

      • I am thinking to post it but when i take a shot on it and i got pretty bad images on it…maybe later im gonna try a new shot..:(

        • Funny that you say that – I felt like my pictures turned out poorly too!! I just wasn’t able to get a really good shot. And I didn’t even have to worry about the design showing well – you have a challenge!
          Good luck!

  15. I have two of these my parents had. They have been repainted once and I think I will keep them around. They withstand a lot and one is in the laundry room and is used for storing small appliances and stuff.

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