A Magazine Feature and an Updated Countertop

house in mag

Hello? Anyone there? I've been quiet a long time, hopefully some of you stuck around! I can't believe that I still haven't posted anything about our finished bathroom. I think I've just been procrastinating because it's such a small room, and my photography skills aren't going to do it justice. I really love it so much though, and I can't … [Read more...]

My Favorite Room – Savvy Southern Style


Our living room is ready for warmer weather! I'm sharing a tour of the room at Savvy Southern Style today. If you've never visited Kim, you are missing out on the most beautiful, classy, southern farmhouse decorating. You won't be disappointed! Please stop over to see my living room tour and say hi to Kim.  I know that you'll be hooked on her … [Read more...]

Don’t Give Up – The Right Paint Color is Out There!

green hutch from window

...or you'll have a tantrum, mix a bunch of colors together, and somehow luck into the color you've been looking for! Sometimes that's just how it goes. Since last year's Pantone color of the year was emerald green, I've been seeing lots of images of green-painted furniture.  This one in particular from BHG grabbed my attention. I've … [Read more...]

Office Makeover

office - from door

I finally finished the makeover to our office.  Although it's not really an office - it has a million purposes.  The reason that it's sometimes been referred to as the office is because that's where the family computer has always been.  Oh - and envelopes and paper.  Hence, the office designation. It used to hold a ton of toys, so it was also … [Read more...]

Garden Fence Lamp Shade

Garden Fence Shade - closeup

There's a really great store in Pittsburgh's warehouse district called Roxanne's Dried Flowers.  She has beautiful home and garden accessories, and of course amazing dried flower wreaths and arrangements.  A year or so ago, I saw a light fixture in her store that I fell in love with.  (I wish there was one featured on her website so that I could … [Read more...]

Late Summer Garden and Other Stuff

late summer garden Cottage4c

I have so much to tell you all!  I've been away from the computer forever!  I've been so busy trying to finish projects that I haven't allowed myself time to write about them. Before I get to the projects, I wanted to share some pictures of our late-season garden.  Things have held up really well - usually by this time many of the plants have … [Read more...]

Hometalk Electronics Projects Roundup


Most of us would claim that we can't live without at least one (if not all!) of our electronic devices.  Our phones, tablets, televisions, etc. keep us connected, entertained, and informed.  We love them, but we don't always love the clutter they create in our homes. If you're looking for ways to organize, store, or hide electronics in your … [Read more...]

More Digging in the Dirt

finished dirt - whole house

My last post (weeks ago!) - I showed you how I pulled all of the sod from my new flower beds.  I was so glad to finish that, but I was left with big clumps of hard dirt that no plant would be happy with. In the past, I would have just started turning over shovels-full of dirt and busting up the clumps old-school.  But since I kinda need to walk … [Read more...]

How to Remove Sod – Quick and Easy!

Removing Sod - dirt chunks

So good to be back in the garden! I really wanted to expand my beds this year but was dreading all of the back-killing digging involved.  I don't know how you dig new spaces in your yard, but I have always done it the usual way - one shovel full at a time.  I dig up a section of sod/dirt, turn it over, beat as much dirt off as I can, and throw … [Read more...]

Out of a Slump and Lots of Ramblings

spring - blue hoosier

Hey friends!!  I've missed you all! The month of March always seems to be a challenge for me.  Pittsburgh winters drag on forever, and March is usually my breaking point.  This year the beginning of April joined in on the fun.  I can't even believe how un-motivated and exhausted I feel during the last few weeks of winter.  It's terrible.  But … [Read more...]

Ikea Ektorp Furniture Covers Update

chana - yellow chair

A few months ago, I wrote this post out of frustration.  I tried to purchase new, white slipcovers for my Ikea Ektorp furniture, and all of the covers that were available at the store and online were yellowish and dingy - definitely not white.  grrrr... Judging from the responses that I got to the post, I wasn't the only one that was … [Read more...]

Uncovered Treasure – Hidden Milk Box

Milk Box - Scrapes

Kevin's grandma moved to Florida a few years ago to be near her daughters.  She also hated Pittsburgh winters (so with you on that, Grandma!).  She took some of her furniture with her, gave a bunch of things to grand-kids, and donated piles of stuff to goodwill.  After all of the sorting, so much stuff still remained at the house. Grandma has … [Read more...]

Almost Overlooked – Jewelry Boxes

Blue Jewelry Box

The little girls have at least a dozen jewelry boxes.  They're all small, and mostly covered in Disney Princesses or ballerinas. At some point, I picked up 2 bigger jewelry boxes at GoodWill, figuring that I could update them for the girls when they grew out of princesses.  oooooo - that's kinda sad.  I know they will eventually not want to use … [Read more...]

Winter Mantel

Winter Mantel - trees

Winter mantel??  I never, ever thought about decorating a winter mantel until I started following blogs!  I would change my mantel from time to time, but not really because of a season (except Christmas, of course).  To be honest, I have a really hard time decorating my mantel.  I have such a hang-up on balance.  Things don't have to be symmetrical … [Read more...]

Easy Organizing – Keeping Tabs on the Towels

Bathroom - Numbered Towels

I love to organize things.  Got a junk drawer somewhere that's overflowing?  Let me at it!  I know that many of you can relate to the awesome feeling of accomplishment when you transform messy to tidy.  Ahhhhh..... I have to keep up with organization in this house.  If there's anything out of place in a small home, it sticks out like a sore … [Read more...]